Germany vs Russia! New vs Old TRACTOR! Who Will WIN?!

Germany versus Russia you say? That sounds familiar and kind of creepy when you think about it… Well, do not think about it in that way, this footage has nothing to do with those horrible scenes. This is a simple Tractor Contest. Just a bunch of guys trying to see whose tractor is more powerful, whose engine is stronger and whose tractor is heavier. The new or the old tractor?

Even though Russian vehicles are known for their quality and durability, this one is going to have a hard time since it is at least 20 years older than the fancy German one! On the other hand, German vehicles are also known for their quality and strength – so this might really turn out to be – The Clash of The Titans!

The results might be expected for those who are not bias. The Kirovec (Russian Old Tractor) simply has more power, massive weight and its wheels are the same size as the German one! The Kirovec tractors are able to pull truck trailers – and there is no question about their reliability. However, some argue that the Russian tractor might be stronger, but you can`t rely on it since it is broken most of the time!

Anyway, find out here how a tractor works!