Police Officer SAVES DOG By Stopping 5 Lines Of Busy Traffic!

Police officers have always tried to do the best that they can for the community, but this heroic moment of one police officer in Peru was one that deserved to be on the spot of the public eye these days. Juan Manuel Iman Zena is the name. Peruvian police officer saves dog during a pretty busy and crowded high road.

He had seen the stranded puppy on the high frequented Panamericana Sur, and therefore he decided to stop even 5 lanes, in order for the dog to be rescued. Although his action went viral online, the police officer has just said that he was doing his job, and no matter the fame that he got, he will continue to contribute to the society.

Finally, Juan managed to contact the owners of this puppy, whose number was written on the collar. For his humanity, he got credits from the whole world, including the Peruvian Animal Protection Association. There is no doubt that we need to see this policeman as a role model of how should people behave and act in order to help everyone, even animals. Great job and a big bravo from our team.

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