Blinged-Out Truck For The Guy Who Did A Heroic Deed And Stopped A 14yo in A Stolen Ride!

The video you are about to see has one of those rare moments in life, when an ordinary and everyday guy is doing something heroic and the entire community is grateful and shows him a proper respect! The world would be a much better place if every heroic deed is awarded such as this one! Videos like this one make us proud to be American! Completely insane and out of control driver is braking off the road and heads straight into the children`s playground in the park, fortunately everyone present manages to get away and tragedy is being avoided. But the driver of the car does not stop but keeps on doing wild and extremely dangerous things with his car and than one of the guys around gets in his mega truck and decides to put a stop on this madness. To make things even worse, the driver of the car is actually a 14 year old kid!

As the police is chasing the car on the streets, our hero goes straight up at the car and hits it strong with his huge front wheels and bumper, than the police takes over. After everything was over and people could see the recording of the events, they decided to properly `repay` all the damage on the truck from the impact to the guy who had stop the maniac and potential killer and do even more. Many people from the community decided to repair the damaged truck FREE OF CHARGE! It all started with one mechanic, who after seeing the video of the crash, decided to fix the damage of the truck as a thank you. This quickly created a snowball effect, and in the end, a total of $15,000 of upgrades were done to the truck! We are very happy that this heroic deed was awarded this much, and we are proud that all of this happened right here in the USA!

Plus, follow this link if you want to watch a video of one of the most intense police chases ever!

Enjoy the video below!

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