In a situation like this, we would normally ask what your reaction is going to be when you see a random person lifting a car on the street, on his/her own, in front of everybody. In this case, a police officer, or more precisely said, a meter maid. However, this is not such a situation, because you are definitely going to give one answer and then if you get to see a sight like that with your eyes, your reaction will be certainly different! And on the second thought, you`ll know that is barely impossible.

So, what is this all about? There is an irregularly parked taxi vehicle and the meter maid comes to issue a ticket to the driver, and ask him to move the automobile. But he refuses (as expected), therefore the police officer decides to take things in her hands. LITERALLY! This is where the plot twists and everybody is left with their jaw dropped. She grabs the front bumper and starts lifting the cab and showed him who`s the boss! You might (or might not) wonder how this is possible? This vehicle`s underhood is empty, and they put nearly 5000 lbs in the back so the incredibly strong police officer can lift it. Very good prank, indeed.

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