DIESEL POWER TRUCK! This is What Happens When A GASSER PARKS AND LEAVES HIS CAR In Front Of A Diesel Pump!

I think that most of us who are driving `normal cars`, know better than to mess with a big and powerful truck, and try to make its driver angry. I believe that some of you remember well on the video when a guy in a car tried to fight over a parking lot space with big truck driver. But the parking lot is not the only place where you can have a bad experience, if you decide to do something foolish, when you are facing (or could be) some powerful diesel pickup truck! However, we know very well not to put gas in our ride and then just disappear! That`s what makes Dave and his Diesel Power Truck angry!

The big and bad guy with the beard that you are going to see in the following video, is known as Diesel Dave. And he is one of those dudes who definitely do not like when some arrogant man parks his ride in front of a diesel pump (just like most of us), and keeps him waiting to fill up that big and bad Diesel Power Truck, Dodge Ram.

So when he encountered one such situation, he felt that his patient limit has been overreached and he decided to teach the owner of the car a good lesson, and put it all on a video, as a warning to others who have the same bad habit of acting like that.

I`m not going to tell you what happened (even though I believe that many of you can guess), so just check out the video and find out yourself. And of course, try not to make the same mistake yourself.

Just so that you can see what a piece of cake is such a car for a Dodge Ram, check out this link and see a great demonstration of its pulling power!