The New MARAUDER GT S Boat Goes For Its First ESCALADE!

What you are about to witness is something that you will talk about for days, weeks, maybe even months! When you think about it, it is just a boat you are about to see. But it is a boat that is so FAST that will make your TEETH RATTLE! The name of this beast is THE MARAUDER GT S by CIGARETTE RACE TEAM and it is about to make its first ESCALADE! And you, Ladies and Gentlemen, have to honor to witness it!

As you watch it, you will notice that it reminds you of a certain car, a sports car. And it`s true, it is inspired by the Mercedes AMG GT! It has the same Yellow Paint as the Mercedes, and it does not lack power as well!!! Adam Paige from Mercedes Benz talks about it and does not hide his excitement nor does he tries to save the good words! However, 2700 HORSEPOWER and 46 feet is pretty good, what do you think?! It can go up to 130 MILES PER HOUR! After you find out all about the Maruader GT S, you will get to see the boat shot by a regular tourist at Idle… ENJOY AND HAVE FUN ON THE BOAT!!!

At last, read how Mercedes inspired the building of this so called cigarette boat!

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