INSANE!!! Boatgatti Veyron Speed Boat Reaches MORE Than 175 MPH!

Here`s one special video for the adrenaline junkies addicted to water connected activities. We hope we can make the boat owners to go out and hit the nearest water surface after watching this video! It`s summer already, and it would be great if you are able to go out and blow some steam off! Or, the least you can do is to take your boat and have a nice fishing trip. But, don’t let this Boatgatti Veyron Speed Boat put you in a bad mood!

Imagine this – you`ve been working all day and you`re are exhausted from everything you`ve been dealing with and want to relax yourself. But how do adrenalin junkies actually relax? For example by going fast enough with every disposable device! In this case, our guys here are going extremely fast with one truly speedy vessel! They have picked to go at dusk, a perfect time when water traffic is lower and they can test the limits of this amazingly quick boat! We are not saying all these adjectives in vain, not at all. Because this Boatgatti Veyron Speed Boa reached a top speed of 176.4 mph as well as maximum torque of 6550 RPM! Also, you are going to notice that while the boat was travelling at that speed it was very stable! These guys have done a superb job!

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