Is Conventional Motor Oil Safer For Your Classic Car?

Your mechanic will likely recommend synthetic motor oil on this website over conventional oil for your car. He might tell you that it is a lot better. Well, that happens to be true in most cars. However, classic car lovers might discourage you from using synthetic oil, and suggest that you use conventional oil instead.

Is Conventional Motor Oil Safer For Your Classic Car 2

Quick Comparison Between Synthetic and Conventional Oil

Synthetic oils are very much preferred for cars because of the many benefits they offer. Among their advantages over conventional motor oils include better low- and high-temperature viscosity, higher resistance to the formation of sludge, prevention of thermal failure, resistance to oxidation, longer engine life, and improved fuel-efficiency.

Meanwhile, conventional oils are a lot cheaper. Then, automakers usually use them when assembling cars so one might tell you that it is better to continue “seasoning” your engine with it.

Which One to Use in Classic Cars

Due to the abovementioned benefits of synthetic oils, it is recommended for new cars, especially for the luxury, muscle, and high-performance types. You can also use it in old cars. Although there`s a lot of debate over the latter.

Many old school petrol heads recommend conventional oil for old cars due to concerns that synthetic oils might contain additives that may adversely react with the engine seals. These, in turn, can be a cause for leaks. However, over the years, synthetics were proven to work better than conventional oils in old cars. This is not the case with classic cars though.

Synthetic oils contain advanced detergent and dispersant components. Classic car engines were designed without these factors in check. These units have their outdated lubricating systems too that surprisingly benefit from the formation of sludge.

The oil seals and gaskets of classic cars may not be as tight as the ones found on modern cars. Therefore, the higher tendency of conventional motor oils to form a sludge is actually good for it. The oozy mixture serves as another level of sealing mechanism to the engine, which will then help prevent leaks. Now, the cleaning elements present in synthetic oils might hinder the formation of the said sludge that serves as an extra sealant.

With these into consideration, it is wiser to use conventional motor oil in your classic car. You can still use the synthetic type though if you prefer, but be sure to check the level of your engine oil regularly and be on the lookout for possible leaks.

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