5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Car Transport Service

You`ve finally made that bold decision to move to another state miles away from where you live. While making the final preparation, you realize you have a whole car to move to where you are relocating. A friend introduced you to car transport services, and you have decided to do a bit of research before making the decision.

Without a proper framework to guide you when choosing a car transport service, the task can be mentally draining. To distinguish the good and the bad, you ought to know questions to ask auto transport service. If you have no idea what to ask a car transport service, this is the article for you.

Read along as we divulge on the questions to ask car transport service when considering to hire one.

1. Are They Registered?

It`s a no-brainer that the car transport company you ought to consider should be licensed by the relevant authority. Many people might assume that the company is duly registered, even without counter-checking. Do your due diligence and ask the company if they have the various licenses needed to transport one’s car from point A to B.

Companies that transport vehicles should be registered through the US Department of Transportation. They`re then given a unique identification code known as US DOT number. Use this code to check the safety reports and other information regarding the transport company.

2. How Much Does It Cost?

Like any other products in the market, the costs of car transportation vary with the company. Avoid as much as possible companies which aren`t clear about their rates, to avoid any inconveniences later. Find a reputable company with a clear rate card, and any additional costs are well written and explained.

Remember, the quality of service offered most of the time is directly proportional to how much you pay for it. A company charging the cheapest rates might end up offering poor services. Take care, since the car might be the most valuable item you have after your house.

3. Will the Car Get Insurance Cover?

Many things could go wrong when the car is being transported, necessitating having the car covered. Consider a company that has a travel insurance policy to ensure in case anything goes wrong, you`ll get compensated. Ask if you have to pay a separate fee for the insurance or it`s included in the package.

4. How to Transport a Car?

The car transport company should advise you on the cheapest way to ship cars. The most common methods used when shipping a car are open or enclosed carriers. They both have their pros and cons, hence the transport service should offer adequate guidance on which method to use.

5. Can They Transport Non-running Cars?

Ask the company the areas they specialize in to know their forte and limitations. Most companies ship moving cars, what about non-running ones? Though it can be challenging, ask the company if they transport inoperable cars.

Simplify Relocating by Hiring The Best Car Transport Service

To ensure you get the best car transport service, do your due diligence. The above questions can guide you while getting information about a particular transport company.

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