Shipping A Car with a Nationwide Auto Transport Company

Shipping your car across the country involves planning and good decision-making to make sure you’re comfortable with and able to afford the way you’re transporting your vehicle. There are several things to know to help you choose a provider that’s reliable enough to transport your car such long distances. So let’s take a look at the biggest things you need to know about shipping your car with a nationwide auto transport company.

Choose a Transporter That Answers Your Questions

Handling your car in and of itself is a big responsibility, let alone leaving it in the hands of a transportation company. It’s important that you first look at online reviews of nationwide auto transport companies to see which ones are most receptive to customer questions and offer the best feedback. 

The most important questions you need to ask, of course, involve the final quote you pay for auto transportation services. Transportation costs can be expensive because of how long transportation companies need to keep your car in their possession. Companies that don’t offer transparent pricing cause you to waste time trying to figure out everything that goes into your final quote.

Find a company that offers transparent pricing and makes it easy to quickly get your car where it needs to go. Additionally, check with your transporter about whether hidden fees are tacked on to their services, and how much your insurance affects your final quote figure. 

It can be tempting to immediately choose an auto transportation service that offers low prices relative to its competition, but it’s never a good idea to shop only on price alone. Trust user reviews and choose a transporter that`s backed by lots of positive user reviews and feedback.

Consider Hiring a Driver

Hiring a driver with a nationwide auto transport company can be another option to shipping your car with trucks or trains. Although it can be scary handing your keys over to a stranger, professional drivers with auto transport companies can be surprisingly affordable. Also, these are often professionals who have been thoroughly screened and vetted to drive cars long distances.

You should plan to be ready to meet your driver on-time at your scheduled location to give them your keys to your vehicle. This is a good idea in case you run into any miscommunication about how much payment you owe, who specifically you`re paying, and what platform is being used to submit payment. 

It’s common for professional transportation drivers to use cashier’s checks or postal money orders, but it’s becoming increasingly common for drivers to accept payments using Visa, MasterCard, and Discover cards as well. Just as you should choose a transporter that answers your questions honestly and clearly, make sure that you do your research on any single-person drivers. 

Look into the companies they work for to ensure they`re reputable for customer service. You might notice that they offer low prices but have poor reviews on all of their online presences. You should likely look elsewhere for transportation companies that either offer better-rated drivers at comparable prices or use alternative transportation methods. 

Collect Multiple Quotes

Obtaining a transparent and reasonable quote for your auto transport service is one of the most essential things to do before you move your car across the country. When it comes to choosing a transporter for your car, you have to secure a shipping estimate in writing that covers key areas such as insurance, fees, and any other policies courtesy of your provider.

A reliable auto transport company will help you sort out pricing for your insurance. It`s a best practice for you to contact your insurance provider before you speak with a transport service to get a quote so that you can confirm with them that they cover potential damages to your vehicle during transit. 

With this in mind, try to remember to remove all valuable personal belongings that you frequently keep in your vehicle prior to handing it over to your transporter. Auto transport providers commonly tack on shipping rates and additional fees to their services, which can be difficult to catch unless you carefully review your quote before signing a contract. 

Many people who plan on shipping their cars across the country simply want to get the process over with and neglect that shipping companies sometimes charge by the mile. Additionally, make sure that you can obtain refunds through a service provider’s delay policy in the event that your car is late or its drop-off location.


Choosing a nationwide auto transport company is simple when you know what you’re looking for. Before you jump to the first highly rated transport company you find online, it’s important to consider what your transport needs are. Determine what kind of company and method of transportation makes the most sense for you. 

  1. If you’re moving your car across the country with an auto transport company, make sure that your transporter is available to answer questions via different modes of customer communication. Reliable nationwide auto transport companies make themselves easily available to get in touch with, in the event you run into any issues with or have problems picking up your car. 
  2. Consider hiring a driver as the most economic method of transporting your car with a nationwide auto transport company. It can be understandable to have skepticism toward another person being responsible for your car. But auto transport companies that use personal drivers tend to be relatively inexpensive when compared to methods just as train and truck transportation. Research auto transport companies in your area to see whether there are highly rated and affordable single-person drivers who can help you transport your car across the country. 
  3. Collect multiple quotes to get a better understanding of the average price ranges of nearby auto transport companies. It’s important to learn more about fees and policies that auto transport companies impose on customers since certain companies charge their transportation services by miles transported.

After carefully evaluating these factors, you should be well-armed to make a decision. Doing your homework will allow you to select the best option for your situation. And your vehicle will arrive safely at its new home with less stress for you along the way.