Should I Buy a New or Used Motorhome?

Over 11 million households in the United States own a motorhome. Choosing to buy a motorhome is a big decision that involves plenty of research. If you`re looking into new transportation options and are considering one for yourself, one of the first steps is deciding whether you should buy a new or used motorhome. In this guide, we discuss the perks and downsides of buying new vs used.

Perks of a New Motorhome

Purchasing a brand new motorhome has a lot of allure, because buying new gives the opportunity for a fresh start in your motorhome.

New motorhomes have the latest features and styles. This is perfect for families who want something modern and don`t want the extra work of upgrading.

Buying a new motorhome also means you`ll have a warranty should anything go wrong. Most dealerships provide a one-year warranty that can help bring peace of mind to your purchase. 

Downsides of Buying New

Buying a new motorhome may sound like a dream, but it`s a big investment. New motorhomes cost significantly more and have higher taxes to pay compared to their used counterparts. They also depreciate in value the second they leave the dealership.

You can expect a new motorhome to depreciate around 20% after leaving the lot. If you decide you want to sell in the future, this might leave you settling for less than you paid.

Perks of a Used Motorhome

One of the biggest perks of buying a used motorhome is the price tag. You can buy a motorhome that is only a couple of years old with similar features to the new models, but thousands of dollars lower because of depreciation.

A used motorhome is more broken in and has all the minor nuisances fixed by the time it comes into your possession. If you`re buying used from a dealership, chances are it underwent inspections and repairs before being listed for sale.

Downsides of Buying Used

When buying a used motorhome, you will not have the added protection of a warranty and will be responsible for any repairs yourself.

While dealerships will inspect before selling, they will not protect you from things that break down later. Private party sellers may not disclose any damage or needed repairs. With older models, these repairs can add up fast and make the price less worthwhile.

Tips for Choosing

If you`re torn between a new or used motorhome, there are many factors to consider. Things to consider when shopping for the best motorhome for your needs are:

  • Budget
  • Ideal interior
  • Features
  • Size
  • Willingness to perform repairs and upgrades
  • The time you plan to keep the motorhome

Narrow it down to the items that are most important to you and which items you’re willing to sacrifice. Visit La Mesa RV Center to explore their current selection of new and used motorhomes.

Time to Hit the Road

Whether to buy a new or used motorhome is one of the biggest things to consider when shopping for a motorhome. Once you narrow that down, you`ll be one step closer to hitting the road on new adventures.

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