3 Reasons Why Aaron Kaufman Left Gas Monkey’s Garage! What Will Happen Next?

We cannot but notice that many hearts are being broken due to the fact that the famous Gas Monkey Garage Mechanics duo is splitting up. The guys started their own thing, their own show and accomplished so much in very little notice of time. Isn`t it a shame that it`s all falling apart now? Aaron, however, felt that his path for the future is described as solo. So, maybe he does deserve it. Kaufman became a great mechanic by learning everything by himself. This born and raised Texan is a perfectionist. You have all seen his work, regardless whether it`s exterior or interior – it`s flawlessterior!

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Here are his top reasons for leaving the Gas Monkey Team:

  1. Solo Career -- the rumor has it that Aaron Kaufman is more interested in a solo carrier which inspired him to quit Gas Monkey as well as Discovery`s reality TV show. Kaufman even announced that he is leaving on the same day when the new episode was being reviewed. He even posted about it on Instagram!
  2. Pressure -- the unbelievable deadlines for the projects is one of the main reasons for making Aaron quit this job. He stated in the show several times that the work makes him really busy and he cannot deliver the final projects in each couple of weeks the way he imagined them. You can give your car a new look with the easy installation of car seat covers with just a few clicks you can change the entire appearance of your car’s interior. We already mentioned that he is widely known in the industry as a perfectionist, right?
  3. Low ranking -- lately, the Gas Monkey show started encountering decrease in its popularity. This was probably one of the signs that made Aaron make his mind about his future career path. Some say that he will start a brand new TV show, while others suggest that this talented mechanic will join another epic crew on TV.

Did you ever know how it all started? The Rawlings and Kaufman thing… The Gas Monkey saga? Well, Kaufman was working at a small local car shop at the time. Rawlings came by one day asking to see the most talented mechanic to air drive his 1953 Mainline.

Thus, Aaron Kaufman was the one standing in front of him as one of the country`s most talented mechanic! Some years later, Richard opened the famous Gas Monkey Garage as he invited Aaron to be part of the Gas Monkey Garage mechanics team!

What’s Next?

If you are a fan of the Gas Monkey Garage mechanics duo, starring in the same-named show, you also love Fast N` Loud! For those who don`t know, the Fast N` Loud show had a plan to do a special for the 102nd episode. The Gas Monkey Garage mechanics duo were supposed to repeat the action they did with the `68 Chevrolet Corvette.

Back then, built it in a real life Hot Wheels vehicle! They were to do the same thing with a `63 Ford Econoline! However, there is no Aaron in the episode. It`s a real shame that Richard and Aaron are splitting up – but it`s probably for the best!

However, we hope Aaron finds luck in his solo career! Or maybe he will become a part of another famous car TV show? Whatever happens, be sure that you will be the first to know!

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