Fast N’ Loud Needs Burt Reynolds’ SIGNATURE On The Bandit Trans Am!

What if we told you that you could simply get someone`s signature and earn $25.000? Yes, that is actually true! But it is not just anyone`s signature, it has to be BURT REYNOLDS`! Well, at least that is the offer Richard and Aaron from Fast `n` Loud got! However, they went to Jupiter. No, not the planet, the city in Florida where Burt Reynolds lives! They simply hoped that he would welcome them in his home and give them the signature for the Bandit Trans Am! However, this was not possible at first attempt. They did find his house, they approached the gate, and even saw him as he was getting his daily newspaper!

Unfortunately, all the waving and shouting did not turn out good as Burt Reynolds only waved back and got back in his mansion! The reason for this, actually, was a lawn mower that was so loud they could not be heard! Therefore, they had another plan, to show Mr. Reynolds the right ride that will get him back to his movie career. They got the legendary 1977 Bandit Trans Am and went for the gold! We must say that this was a good plan because they got in the house and actually met Burt Reynolds who`s age did not break his sense of humor!!!

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