Not One V8 Powered LAWN MOWER Video, But 4 To Lose Your Mind!

People get crazy ideas sometimes. But, no matter how crazy they sound like, they might be very good actually! For example, making a V8 powered lawn mower might sound crazy to someone, but that mower is not the same it was yesterday it is now a V8 Beast!!! This article allows you to see many Lawn Mowers with a V8 installed in them! Such one is Scottie`s Holden home-made V8 Lawn Mower! And we must say he did a great job because mowing for him is never going to be the same! The sound it has… it`s so good! Right after that you will get the chance to see another V8 powered lawn mower and listen to the amazing roaring sound that one makes!

And the very best is all about to come! You now have the chance to see the 1974 LAWN ROVER V8 created by Colin Evans from Normanby Engineering! This thing can definitely leave the lawns and hit it straight to the race tracks! Which is actually similar to the guy from the 4th video! The owner of the Cub Cadet V8 won a trophy for his awesome Lawn Mower! Check them ALL out!

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At last, to see a drifting lawn mower, follow this link!