The Horrible Accident That Forever Changed The Life Of Mike Curtis!

Going through a tough period in your life is something that most of us experience sooner or later. But, it is exactly in these moments that we could prove to ourselves that we can get over every obstacle no matter how difficult it is. This is exactly what the American Hot Rod legend, Mike Curtis, did when he was involved in an accident that had completely changed his life. In this short video he takes us through how he managed to handle everything and now, four years later, he is living a subtle life. Things were not looking bright for him at the time of the accident. His Hot Rod flipped multiple times and he was thrown out from the rooftop, during the accident. He lost consciousness and when he woke up at the hospital, he did not know what was going on.

mike curtis car accident 1

He spent weeks and weeks at the hospital and the doctors had to do lots of reconstructive surgeries on his face and in order to avoid huge scars, they did it through his mouth and eye lids. The recovery process was very difficult and Mike Curtis had to make regular visits at the hospital. He is currently undergoing a new type of cold laser therapy that lot of athletes and soldiers go through as well. It helps to regenerate the growth of muscles and all of the nerves on his face. As Mike says, the therapy has been a great success so far and he hopes that it will only continue to get better in the future. This inspirational story might serve as a great moral booster for all of you who are going through a very tough period in your lives. We all hope that Mike Curtis is going to have a normal life after everything!

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