This Is Why TLC American Hot Rod Star Boyd Coddington Disliked Chip Foose!

In this video of TLC American Hot Rod we get to see the real reason why Boyd Coddington disliked Chip Foose. We don`t get to see very often what goes behind the scenes of powerful operations around the world, so that`s why we love these reality shows. They give us a glimpse of all the elements that need to be right in order to make such an operation successful. It goes to show that putting all kinds of skill sets and personalities just doesn`t work. There needs to be a synergy between people in such a huge operation in order to make things work.

TLC American Hot Rod Star Boyd Coddington 2

That`s why Boyd Coddington from TLC American Hot Rod and his fabricator/painter Charlie Hutton had to part ways. It`s a very intense moment indeed. It`s a very tense and sad moment because Charlie Hutton decides that it is his time to try something different and leave Boyd Coddington to start working for the rival – Chip Foose. To say that Boyd Coddington is unhappy about this is definitely an understatement. You get to see both of them laying everything down on the table because they have no other option at this point but to simply be frank about everything.

Both of them are giving their sincere opinions about everything so far and we can say that this is reality TV gold. Everything that needed to be said was said before going their separate ways. Nevertheless, it`s up to you to determine whether they managed to handle the situation correctly.

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