5 Steps to Planning the Ideal Road Trip

It`s that time of the year when you feel worn out by the constant pressure at work, and you`re probably stuck in a deep rut that you can`t seem to dig yourself out of. You`ve bills piling up; mountains of paperwork and the kids are in for the holidays. You feel so overwhelmed, and you`re looking for ways to relieve the pressure before you burst out like a volcano. Well, what`s the best way to shake off all that bad energy than having a perfectly planned out ideal road trip? All you have to do is get a car, pack up your essentials (not forgetting that cordless vacuum cleaner) and start up the engine towards happiness.

5 Steps to Planning the Ideal Road Trip 2

However, in as much as you can just get up and go, it`s vital to have a laid out plan and here`s a straightforward guide on how to make a perfect plan for an unforgettable road trip.

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The Perfect Ingredients to Having a Memorable Road Trip

There are many ingredients to having the ideal road trip and having a flash car isn`t one of them. In fact, almost 70% of road trip enthusiasts have had the best road trips with beaten up bangers.

However, even with a beat-up car, a road trip can head south if you don`t make plans and prepare adequately. It isn`t something you can `wing it` if you want to stick to a budget.

That said, here are five essential steps to consider:

#01. Set Realistic Targets

While the essence of a road trip is getting behind the wheel and hitting the great open road, you need to set realistic goals.

One of these targets is to ensure that you avoid too much driving since it leads to fatigue and the inability to see anything along the way.

So be sure to schedule an amount of drive time every day that you or your driver can handle. You can even make some stop-overs on the way for small naps.

A road trip needs to be about taking your time to see some exciting things on the way.

#02. Tune Up Your Wheels Before You Tune Out

Before you hit the road or even start making plans, you need to ensure that your automobile can pound the pavement.

It would help if you had your mechanic look at your vehicle to make sure everything is safe and sound for the road trip.

#03. Pack Smart

Since you`re going to be far from your haven of comfort, you need to pack all the things you might need.

First and foremost, you`ll require safety and maintenance tools. You can get a flat tire on the way and thus having `jack` around could prove to be useful.

You might also need a cordless vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dirt in your car. Road trips can be messy, especially with all the food spills and even pet dander stuck on your seat if you`re traveling with your dog or cat.

You might also need warm clothes if the weather is too cold. However, ensure that you don`t cram your car with too much stuff because it`ll make you feel very uncomfortable.

#04. Carry Your Paper Maps

Yes, paper maps are so last decade.

However, even with the fancy GPS, cell service can be fickle while you`re on the open road.

So, you might find yourself stranded, and that`s when having a good an old fashioned paper map comes in handy.

You`ll probably look like the old relic hunters, but it`ll help keep you on the straight and narrow.

#05. Load Your Phone with Road-Trip Friendly Material

Since you`re driving to the Caribbean or wherever you`ve decided to go and take a breather, you need to stay entertained on your way.

With advanced technology offering you iPods, streaming services, and satellite radio though, your music can`t dry up unless your destination is Mars.

However, don`t ignore the power of some uptune music on your CD or those trending or `back in the day` songs. So before you leave the house, get a good mix CD or charge your phone and download those upbeat tunes to get you and your family on the groove.

If one of you doesn`t like the music playing, you can always have classic car games and let the winner pick the tunes. It`ll keep you on your toes and also make the trip seem shorter!

Well, there you go – consider these essential tips and your odds of having a blog-worthy road trip are going to be significantly enhanced. So have fun, don`t drink and drive and more importantly, don`t forget your sunglasses!