Aaron Kaufmann Hoon His 1963 FORD FALCON Like There Is No Tomorrow!

Recently, Aaron Kaufman announced that he is leaving the team of Gas Monkey Garage that airs on Discovery Channel. Nevertheless, he left a huge legacy and the show wouldn`t`ve been the same without him. In any case, we are sure that he has a lot of spectacular projects in store for us in the future. He is sarcastic, knowledgeable, funny, and most importantly, the dude really loves cars. He is a self-taught fabricator, mechanic and all-around gearhead. He grew up removing parts apart and restoring them back together. He is a master builder, and one of his supreme creations is the 1963 Ford Falcon car build.

Aaron Kauffman 1963 Ford Falcon 1

His immense talent for mechanics and enthusiasm for cars made him one of the greatest tuner the world has ever seen. He possesses the ability convert a pile of scrap metal into a glorious, sweet ride. For that reason, we wanted to share this exquisite video that shows Aaron hooning this 1963 Ford Falcon car like there is no tomorrow. Nevertheless, he mustn`t be late for this delivery. Aaron`s Ford Falcon is something every gearhead must see. If you have not seen it before, you are actually missing out one great purpose-built fun machine. Watch the video below, enjoy, and feel free to tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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