Now We Have VIDEO! Aaron Kaufman Says Goodbye To Gas Monkey! Check Out The Scene!

This is a very unfortunate week for both Gas Monkey Garage and Fast N` Loud fans. Aaron Kaufman announced he is leaving both shows. He announced leaving Gas Monkey Garage exactly on this Gas Monkey`s episode. One of the reasons behind this departure is most certainly professional differences. Aaron Kaufman Gas Monkey star is known for having immense principles while approaching his work. Aaron Kaufman stated that there were some personal issues that contributed as well. On top of this, tuning cars so quickly for sure wasn`t helping. Well, most normal shops wouldn`t even attempt such projects in less than nine months or maybe even a year.

Unfortunately, it`s obvious that this is a clean break. Aaron Kaufman Gas Monkey star won`t be making any plans to make a comeback in the future. However, he may have some interesting ideas for all of his fans to be excited about. Especially if you are a Ford fan! Kaufman is the owner of the company Arclight. This company produces parts that are meant for restoring F-100 trucks. He may also make his own brand new TV show. However, details about this are scarce and nothing is yet confirmed. Whatever the case may be, Kaufman will now have enough time to focus on his own personal projects.