Aaron Kaufman Gets Electrifying Experience While Working On His 1949 Chevy 3100!

Never did we think that a day would come where your mother will be able to say: “Told you so!” You know, don`t work under that car and around engines that much, they are full of electricity – might shock you! Well, Aaron Kaufman can now phone his mother telling her she was right as he “enjoyed” the electrifying experience the other day as he was working on his `49 Chevy 3100! Oh dear, here is how it all happened.

Aaron Kaufman Electrifying Experience 1949 Chevy 3100 22

Aaron Kaufman is all alone in his workshop, late at night – fantastic. He had timing light as he went advanced to retard the spark wanting to enable it just right! It is then when he lost the footing and experienced the electrifying experience! It would not be such a big deal if his hands weren`t full and he wasn`t vaulted. There were two options for Aaron at this time, touch the serpentine belt or the cap. Of course, he did not opt for losing his skin and went for the distributor cap! It all ended quickly as he continued working on his 1949 Chevrolet. Good thing this unpleasant electrifying experience went okay for Kaufman!

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