Тop 10 Most Expensive Mustangs Sold On Auctions!


7) The First ’07 Mustang Shelby GT -- Sold for $ 600, 000

The inspiration for this Shelby is the very special `Stang rental package for Shelby GT-H Hertz. The Shelby GT was the very first, that walked across the auction path in Scottsdale was sold for around $600k. All the money from its sale went to the Children`s Foundation of Shelby Carol.



6) ’69 Mustang Boss 429 -- Sold for $ 605, 000

This particular Boss 429 achieved an amazing prize  at Scottsdale for about six hundred and five thousand. It is one of the first fifty Bosses 429s that`s completely hand-made, consisted of a rare 820-S  engine from NASCAR with exceptional Ford C9AE-A  with forged pistons, bolt rods measuring half inches, and a crank  made of steel as well as many other things. Plenty of these vehicles were created in the same way, with exception of some that have 2 drivetrains and many stories to tell. That`s the reason that the Boss 429 was sold at that prize.

The `69 Boss 429 were very costly to be custom made, having more than three hundred distinctive features with over eight hundred pieces needed to fully equip a `69 Boss 429. In order to follow and stick to rules of NASCAR , five hundred streetable vehicles were a build-must. The restoration of the Concours was performed by Cars Meyers.

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