1969 Boss 429 With 902 Miles Scheduled to be Auctioned!

This is the lowest mileage Mustang 1969 Boss 429 in the world. This incredible example is going up to sale in auction at Mecum`s Monterey like one of the best ultimate Mustang muscle car. The vehicle has been totally restored when it has just 97 miles on its odometer. However this Mustang 1969 Boss 429 has 902 miles now and it is in the original condition.

1969 Boss 429 With 902 Miles

It has different owners in the past and one of them is Bob Perkins, the MCA authenticity head judge. However the car always managed to remain with factory wrapping plastic over the steering wheel and seats and its original window sticker. All the bolts, screws and stickers are  original to that car, so that is the reason why it is so important.

Mecum Monterey has set the estimate price for this unique example at $ 600,000 -- $ 750,000. That would make this Mustang the most expensive Boss 429 in the world and of course one of the most expensive Ford Mustangs today.

According to the schedule this Boss 429 will be auctioned off on 16th of August.

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1969 Boss 429 With 902 Miles

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