POV Walkthrough Inside The Most Expensive Garage In The World!

All this time, Nuremberg has had a little secret – it`s the home of the most expensive garage in the world!

POV Walkthrough inside most expensive garage cars 1

This place literally has every luxury car – it has a bunch of Rolls Royces, some really shiny Maybachs, of course a lot of BMWs, Mercedes, Bentleys and a whole lot of G class 4x4s, some of which are burn-out-your-eyes yellow. Now, those are some of the more famous brands and cars, and while there`s a lot of them and they`re really expensive, there is much more to be explored in the garage of your dreams. Oh, and the place has a howitzer as well.

We don`t know if it`s for sale, but it sure does make a great addition to the parking lot outside of the garage.

Inside the most expensive garage in the world, it`s a whole different story. We see an Aztec Barchetta in mint condition, which is quite rare to find these days, and these go for about a million euros a piece!

Also, there are some Lamborghini Aventadors just sitting there, as well as a Murcielago and a Huracan.

The amount of Ferraris in this garage is low, but nowhere near disappointing – there are still a few of them in there, just alongside an old race Porsche with the same yellow eyesore color as the G classes in front.

When it comes to the older stuff, this place has Pullmans, Maseratis and even a grey DeLorean, in mint condition! I don`t know who put this place together, but I`d sure like to visit it!

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