The Biggest Rolls Royce Fleet Deal – 30 Unique Vehicles!

Ever thought about getting a Rolls Royce? Yeah, we know, they`re too expensive and hardly affordable. Well, just so you know, somewhere in this world a whole Rolls Royce fleet is needed – 30 vehicles exactly! You probably wonder who would need 30 highly luxurious cars such as Rolls Royce?

The answer is Stephen Hung! Stephen Hung is the Louis XIII hotel and casino manager and in order to keep his clients happy and comfy he`s is going to make sure they are transported with style! Each car is going to be individualized, the headquarters in England have worked hard in order to create the very best unique vehicles!

Rolls Royce`s CEO, Torsten Mueller-Oetvoes is being honest when it comes to numbers. He says this is the biggest order Rolls Royce has had in its history and he is certainly very happy that it happened while he`s the CEO! This Rolls Royce fleet is going to cost $20.000.000 approximately and two of the cars are going to be the most expensive ones in the history of the company! Well, the Louis XIII hotel guests will probably be very satisfied with the hotel service!

If you want to see the most expensive Rolls Royce so far, click on the video below.