DETAILING THE Dirtiest CAR In The WORLD! Dirty 1982 Dirty Mercedes 190E!

The Detail King`s Automotive Detailing Institute is really one of the greatest detailing training schools in the world. These guys definitely proved this fact by releasing a video that is bound to leave you in awe. Students from their school got their hands on an old and dirty Mercedes 190E and managed to give it a complete interior and exterior detail.

Dirty Mercedes 190E king 2_1

The final result is bringing this vehicle that dates from 1982 to life as it`s restored to its former glory. To do this successfully the students assisted by expert trainers were using Detail King`s renowned products which proved to be more than enough. There are a few step to bringing the dirty Mercedes to life.

The car has been left to rot and has been neglected for many years so nature has taken its tool. The first step is removing the moss and algae using Special Force Cleaner Plus.

Then they used vacuum and air purge in order to remove the remaining debris. Up next they did paint correction and proper wash-up.

They performed the surface decontamination using nanoskin towels. The oxidation was removed using Diamond Cut Ultra. Up next comes the interior.

The interior is in a really bad shape but these guys do wonders and restore it perfectly.

What is you experience in detailing a dirty car? Have you try do clean completely your vehicle?

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Anyway, this is what it means to get really dirty!