Steve McQueen’s LOST “Bullitt” Mustang Car Has Been Found & Fully Restored To Its Former Glory!

The movie industry has produced many iconic cars. However, there are not many like the 68 Mustang GT that actor Steve McQueen used in the movie “Bullitt”. Unfortunately, the car vanished shortly after production when the movie was done in 1968. McQueen has been searching for the car ever since in order to restore it for his car collection. After so much time, a pair of muscle car enthusiasts claim to have located the car. The Bullitt Mustang car was reportedly found in a scrapyard located in Baja, California. To make this authentic, one of the country`s most renowned Ford authenticator says this car is the real deal.

Ralph Garcia Jr. has made quite the career creating Eleanor replicas. According to the Los Angeles Times, Garcia was contacted by an associate that goes by the name of Hugo Sanchez. Garcia thought this Mustang would be perfect for Eleanor-ization. However, Sanchez told him that this fastback is no ordinary Mustang. After googling the VIN, it turned out that this is in fact the lost Bullitt Mustang car. Then, the two car restorers asked the opinion of Ford expert and evaluator -- Kevin Marti. Marti gave the Mustang his seal of approval and stated that this car is the original muscle car used in Bullitt. A part of Steve McQueen`s legacy goes on!

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