2017 Bentley Bentayga Has The Most Astonishing Headlight Washer System Ever! Awesome Engineering!

Some people purchase Bentleys solely because they are expensive and represent a symbol of elegance. However, there are a few who appreciate the engineering and technology that goes into building these fast land yachts. The most attention-grasping feature on the brand new Bentayga was the watch fitted to the dash that is valued almost as the car. Check out this Headlight Washer System.

Headlight Washer System 7

It turns out that`s not the only detail that grasped everyone`s attention, we discovered something else that you will most probably like and it`s a headlight washer system. You see, there is a reason why Bentley installed a cap in the center of their headlights.

This is also very cool because it doesn`t bother at all. You can`t see it washing while you drive. We also think that this is not all. There must be other amazing features inside that are bound to be discovered. The Bentley Bentayga 2017 is most probably going to be number 1 pick for the famous and wealthy. Depending on who you ask, but Bentley is very good in car body design. Many of their models are timeless and still look good after many years. We believe that will be the case with the new Bentayga as well. Click on the video below and check out the awesome Bentley headlight washer system!

Finally, take a look at this headlight cleaning method that requires the use of toothbrush!