King James’ Awesome Camaro SS, Bentley Continental GT & More!

I will not tell you a revelation when I will say that there are always great and powerful cars in the world of rich and famous, and that is not an exception when it comes to famous athletes. One of the first thing each and every one of them does, is to make sure that he has a `decent` mansion, and a whole stable of awesome sports and muscle cars, for each day of the week. And today we are going to show you a video clip with King James` stunning car collection (or a part of it), consisted of three jaw-dropping examples. Those three would be one awesome Camaro SS, a fascinating Bentley Continental GT, and out-of-this-world Ferrari F430 convertible.

The video was made about three years ago, when King James was still playing for the Miami Heat, and you will see how one of the best basketball players of all times is storming the city with his awesome cars. The accent is placed on that awesome Camaro SS, and it is no without a reason. We do not have the exact specs about it now, but it is obvious that it has many custom made elements in it, that we do not get to see every other day. Really one out-of-this-world, and obviously very powerful example! But do not think that the other two are any less. I mean, we are talking about the Ferrari F430 and the Bentley Continental GT.

So check it out and enjoy it. If you also want to see other basketball players` awesome vehicles, go to this link.