Ultimate Muscle Face Off: 2015 Camaro vs 2015 Mustang GT!

Today we have prepared something really impressive and thrilling for every true Detroit muscle fan – a seventeen minute video analyzes about two of the most iconic all American muscle monsters, the new Ford Mustang GT and the Chevy Camaro SS. The 2015 Camaro vs 2015 Mustang video, presented by Tire Rack, is coming from an episode of the “Head 2 Head” show in which you will get up close and personal with every important aspect of these two iconic American muscle cars.

As most of you probably know it, both of these new models are being powered by motors that are giving an output of about 430 HP, and both of them are having such an aggressive handling package, so that one exhaustively made analyzes is more than needed and welcome.

As you will see it in the 2015 Camaro vs 2015 Mustang video, both of these muscles are sharing very much similar features, so trying to find out which one is better or more suitable for certain things, will not be an easy task. That is why both the Chevrolet Camaro SS and the Ford Mustang GT will be put to all sorts of tests in order to see which one will become a winner in this classic American rivalry.