This 1935 4×4 Rat Rod is An Off Road Beast!

When it comes to rat rods, expect the unexpected. They are always unique, extravagant and manage to surprise us every single time. Though rat rods usually do not mirror a hot rod necessarily, but a rusted and huge-wheel vehicle, they are cool nonetheless. After watching the following video you are going to be even more AMAZED. Namely, a 1935 car is found rusting in the yard. Its condition is far from being decent, having broken windows and missing wheels. But that does not stop them to transform this car into a 4×4 rat rod BEAST!

They take the car back to the workshop and at first they start making plans and sketches about the project. Then they start stripping the car until they are left with just the body of the car. They take the suspension out of a new SUV and a new engine is added. This 4×4 rat rod is then upgraded with huge wheels. Supposedly, their main goal was to make the car an off-road-beast. Then the 4×4 rat rod is tested for the first time to make sure everything is OK. There is a lot of work left though until is finished. What do you think, is there a limit for this rat rod?

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