Launching & Ice Drags With MUSCLE CARS & RAT RODS!

When there is a combination of great and fast rides and snow, one thing is guaranteed – there will be a lot of fun with these Ice drags! And that is what we have here, in the following video that we have chosen for this article, and if you like a mixture of fast cars and snow, I think that you will really enjoy it. It is full with many different drag cars that have gathered at this year`s Merrill Wisconsin Ice Drags that happened at the end of last month, and they really warmed things up with their awesome performances.

As you will see it for yourself, there are a variety of vehicles that are ripping off the starting line and throwing snow and ice everywhere around. We cannot tell you the brands for sure, but there are some classic Detroit muscles, and other pretty unique and powerful hot rods and drag race cars. And they are all making really attractive Eight-Mile passes in which I think that you will enjoy all the way.

This event is taking place here each year for several decades now, and if you ask me, I would surely love it visit it next year. Just check out the video clip below and see what I`m talking about. And if you like it and want some more ice racing, go to this link and see one crazy Camaro ice performance.