Jaguar E Type ZERO Electric Car

Jaguar E Type ZERO Electric Car!

Jaguar has always been one of the most prestige and elegant car manufacturing companies in the world. This British monster over the years has created some absolutely awesome cars, but without a doubt their best one …

11 Most Long Lasting Car models living 1

11 Of The Most Long Lasting Car Models!

The list of the most long lasting car models in the World. Do you agree with it?

The current car market has something for everything and people wishes come true with each new car produced, but it …

Jaguar E-Type Wins The Best British Car Ever!

Right after the barrel roll record by Jaguar E-Type, we give more info on this elegant beast!

Over the past hundred years, the UK is known for producing great cars; some of them will be remembered as …

Record Breaking Jaguar E Type 3

The Guinness World Record Breaking Jaguar E-PACE!

Have you seen this Guinness World Record breaking Jaguar E-PACE?

Records are made to be broken. As time flies, most of the records are getting improved and it is a trend which will occur in the future …