Jaguar E Type ZERO Electric Car!

Jaguar has always been one of the most prestige and elegant car manufacturing companies in the world. This British monster over the years has created some absolutely awesome cars, but without a doubt their best one is the Jaguar E Type zero. We are going to take a look in this video where one super exclusive Jaguar E Type ZERO is presented. As most of you know Jaguar has announced that by the year of 2020 all of their cars are going to run on electric motors. Hereby we check out this 1968 Jaguar E Type ZERO that looks absolutely gorgeous hence it had been restored but there is one twist to it.

Jaguar E Type ZERO - Electric Car 2

Instead of having the normal 3.8 L engine, this beast has a lithium battery under its hood. But do not be fooled by the electric motor. This Jaguar E Type ZERO is super fast too. It can get from 0 to 60 in just 5.5 seconds. Also it can go for 170 miles straight without recharging the battery. But once you take a close look at this car, you get to see its true beauty. Every detail about it is just perfect and the whole car is simply flawless.

In the video we also take a look at a talk with the Global PR Manager for Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations. They talk about everything you need to know about the car and Jaguar plans for the future of electric cars.

What do you think, could this be the most beautiful electric car ever made?