Dad Promised! Finish Your Homework, Then You Can Start Up The JAGUAR XJR-15

Father of this kid said that if he finish the homework, then you can start up the JAGUAR XJR-15. So, he did finish his homework and now this little kid can enjoy the sound of this amazing very rare Supercar. There is no doubt he will remember this moment for the rest of his life. This Jaguar is a very beautiful car (just wanted to see it from the front or even from the back) and that’s the way how all of us car enthusiasts start out.

Dad Promised Finish Your Homework Then You Can Start Up The JAGUAR XJR-15 2

I really remember my first ride I ever turned on. It was actually my father’s red Triumph Herald and that thing sounded very special to me (only 13000 cm3 4 cylinder engine). I was stunned 🙂 And I remember my treat for finishing homework was a short ride on a polygon and I will remember that all of my life. As you can see on the video below times sure have changed.

So, can you imagine what will this kid get when he graduates high school? A Lamborghini Aventador maybe? I hope he will not “borrow” this car when his parents are out of town and try to drive it on the road…

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