1,100 HP Turbo Truck Street Racing vs Muscle Cars! MUST SEE!

How about that? Highly tuned Flaco`s Pickup Truck, with a real monster under the hood, 402 ci 88 mm Turbo Charged engine that generates 1 100 HP and hits a quarter mile distance in 9.5 seconds is facing some of the most fearsome muscle cars in the streets of Huston, Texas, became a place for turbo truck street racing.

Nights of the streets in Huston must be a very fun place to be for every gear head if judging from the video that you are about to see. What we have here is the abovementioned 1,100 HP Flaco`s Turbo Pickup Truck getting out of the parking lot, where the temperature is boiling from all that engine power under the hoods of some of the best sports cars that are gathered in that place.

Than, our center of attention, the Turbocharged Truck is going out on the city highways and starts racing with some serious competition: 800 Ho Nitrous Corvette, 700 HOP S/C Camaro, 500 HP Mustang Cobra, 650 HP Dodge Viper and 800 HP Toyota Supra. And it is all happening at night, on a public highway with a lot of regular cars running down and amongst them.

We will not tell you the outcome of these races, but will leave you to enjoy the whole thing yourself. Enjoy this turbo truck street racing!

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Enjoy the video below!

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