LSx Swap Fox-Body Mustang VS 1,000+ HP Beater Bomb Camaro!

When two guys who know each other and their vehicles decide to place their pride on a drag strip challenge, it is clear that there will be a lot of sparkles on the tarmac and the level of intense will gain dramatic proportions. In the case of this local rivalry, we have the infamous LSX swap powered fox-body Ford Mustang with a hell of a lot of nitrous in it, putting its pride on a line against a Chevrolet Camaro with an enormous 91 mm turbo, 404 c.i. Livernois Stroker motor that is developing frightening 1,012 HP.

Even though for some of you the outcome of this drag race may seem to be well expected and predictable, I will just tell you not to put all your money on that first though you have got, after reading the specs about the cars that are about to race.

First of all because of the distance of the race and than the fact that all that tuning, no matter how `scary` makes the car look like, it is not always the final decider.

Just watch the video and you might be surprised. Finally, check out this LS1 Mustang!

Enjoy the video below!

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