10-Sec Passes Monstrous Nitrous Huffing 2014 Corvette Stingray!

With a stockmarket with set of cylinder heads, nitrous and camshaft, these 2014 Corvette Stingray cars from Racecraft Late Model are redefining the time of the cars from the street. What do car fans dream about? The answer is simple. To have a race car for their daily drive round town. So, here we are presenting you the dream. The  Corvette Stingray 2014 is just the car for you.

Yeah, the car is pretty amazing itself, but it can`t compete with the big-block Chevelle with the sports set of drag radials. These days, it`s not a hard job to find a car with a top notch fuel mileage, with mean looks and even meaner performance. If you take a good look at this brand new 2014 Corvette Stingray, you shall find all these features.

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Enjoy the video below!

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However, these aren`t factory-outfitted Vettes. New Model Racecraft (LMR), a name associated with late-model performance within the borders in the domestic sphere of high performance, has paid its dues. Currently, they have assured to give these Vettes a lesson in breathing with camshaft packages and cylinder head and in the case of these dueling Vettes, some nitrous too. Even though the precise details on those modifications are not known, it is inevitable that their hard working is paying off – every 10 seconds.

We shall begin with the black Stingray C7, which pulls out a bottom ten-second run to 133.28 miles per hour. From what we have seen from the video, there probably is a problem with a missed shift. Considering hat, the overall performance is not that rusty.  Sitting in our armchair down at the office, we give this a good thought and we concluded that if the problem was a “missed shift,” it would have been short of run .07 seconds, so we were more than sure that we were watching what should be a high, nine-second Stingray C7. Backing up the black C7′s hard work, the red Stingray lays down an astonishing 10.48 at almost same 133.29 miles per hour.

What more there is to be said?  It`s high time to stop all the blah-blah see it for yourselves from this video.  So take a deep breath, sit tight in your comfortable chairs and see what we were talking about. But before you do that we must warn you that these Vettes are a bit loud. So, prepare your ears, folks.