2600HP “Fast Freddy” Prom Mood – World´s Fastest Pickup Truck!

We often tell you to increase the volume of your sound system in order to feel the sound of a certain vehicle better. However, this time we`d recommend you to put ear plugs so you won`t be caught off guard! We said it, the next is up to you. Anyway, this truck is a real delight both for the eyes and the ears as well! First you have the chance to hear it, than watch it showing what is has got on the track! It is so fast sometimes it is hard to control it! Once again, you`ve been warned.So, hesitate no more. Check out this insane 2600HP “Fast Freddy” Prom Mood -- World’s Fastest Pickup Truck  at Tierp Arena, Sweden.

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Enjoy the video below!

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