4 FERRARIS FXXK Will Refresh Your Old Formula 1 Memory!

Greetings from Italy, homeland of one of world`s most famous Old Formula 1 race tracks – IMOLA! This is the where our story for today takes place. Maybe you are familiar with this fact, but it will do no harm if we mention it again. The Imola race track is considered as a home field of Ferrari`s F1 team. So, the fact that you are about to witness FOUR FERRARIS LaFerrari FXXK (saw that right?) is not a coincidence! It is a magnificent sight. But this is just the beginning. Wait till you hear them. You are instantly going to melt, shivers will runs down your spine, goosebumps will appear on your skin, your jaw will drop at the moment when the sounds of those roaring engines will be registered by your brain! We hope that we solved the dilemma whether you should increase the volume or not!

This enhanced version of the LaFerrari possesses the same V12 engine, but this time it is combined with an electric motor. The hybrid engine delivers a staggering 1036 horsepower, 101 more than previously. 848 hp come from the 6.3 liter V12, while the rest from the electric one. There are only 40 models from this track-only vehicle with a price tag of +$2.8 million. Feels good to refresh the old Formula 1 memory!

By the way, they are all sold out! Follow this link for more information!