Hear This Bugatti Vitesse QuickSilver Titanium EXHAUST!

When you have an expensive car, it is logically to have expensive parts implemented. Because if you have the money to buy an expensive car, you most certainly have the money to buy expensive parts that will suit the car perfectly. Everything ought to be classy, cutting edge, luxurious. This video demonstrates exactly that. The most expensive exhaust system in one of the fastest cars on Earth! We are talking about the QuickSilver Titanium Sport Exhaust System.

And in this video footage you have the chance to hear how the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse sounds with this exhaust system. This is maybe how it sounds when the power roars. In addition, this is actually the first start up. Plus the QuickSilver Titanium Sport Exhaust-Bugatti Veyron Vitesse combination is shown to the public for the fist time in this video! Moreover, the exhaust manufacturer is the first supplier company that develops and installs aftermarket exhaust systems for the Vitesse version of Bugatti. At the end, we have something to add, a little remark, no offence to anybody but, they could have had better recording equipment, so we can feel the real thing. Nevertheless, it sends shivers down the spine, always.

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