Which Korean is the Better Choice? i30 vs Kia C’eed!

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Korean Brother Duel! i30 vs Kia C`eed!

The new i30 (Elantra GT on some markets) and new Kia C`eed have the same parents and the same basics, but shows different character. Autobild, the best European automotive magazine revealed which is the better choice.

Kia Cee’d or Hyundai i30? According to Autobild there are serious differences between them.  Cee’d and i30 probably share the entire technical base like engine, gearbox, suspension, brakes and electronics -- everything that comes from a parts shelf. Then how the compact Koreans are significantly different?

From Autobild are saying that according to the testing results in the field of comfort and performance, these Asian Golf opponents differ very much.

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According to the best automotive magazine in Europe, you should forget about C`eed, even if Kia`s dealer is closer to your home!

However, compared to their biggest rival, the both models (i30 and C`eed) are nearly 5000 Euros cheaper (in Europe) than the VW Golf with weaker basic engine.

i30 is Better Aligned!  Cee’d is Shaking the Body on Poor Roads!

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Rated according to the test cars, the Hyundai 30 runs better and is more comfortable. The suspension of i30 is sensitive on short bumps and offers the smoother ride comfort. On poor roads Cee’d is constantly shaking the body and gentle strokes are felt on the steering wheel and pedals.

i30 (Elantra GT) is Faster and More Economical!

i30 Ceed 3

During the test drive of these two models, the engine in the i30 is a little quieter, less rough in running and the acceleration (0-100 km/h) is minimally better (for 2 tents of a second).

Also there is a minimal advantage for i30 in the torque delivery, as well as in the consumption (Kia C`eed consume 0.2l/100km more than i30).

At the end we can say that i30 (Elantra GT) is faster and more economical than Kia C`eed.

Even the Interior is Better!

i30 Ceed 4

During the Autobild`s testing it was noticed that Hyundai i30 has more space on the rear seats, may carry heavier luggage and provides better comfort. The interior material of i30 are slightly better that the C`eed, as well  as the adjustment on the front seats which gives you better comfort on longer distances.

i30 vs Kia C’eed Performance

Performance Hyundai i30 (Elantra GT) Kia C`eed 
Displacement 1591 cm³ 1591 cm³
kW (PS) 1/min 99 (135) 6300 99 (135) 6300
Nm 1/min 164/4850 165/4850
Top Speed 195 km/h 195 km/h
0–50 km/h 3,1 s 3,2 s
0–100 km/h 10,0 s 10,3 s
0–130 km/h 15,7 s 16,9 s
60–100 km/h 10,1 s (4. Speed) 10,6 s (4. Speed)
80–120 km/h 19,2 s (6. Speed) 20,9 s (6. Speed)
CO2 Emission 134 g/km 140 g/km
Consumption 7,7/4,6/5,7 l 8,0/4,9/6,1 l
Noise 72 db (A) 73 db (A)

For those you can understand German there is a Video:

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