The Craziest DRAG RACES Of All Time!

11 Unbelievable Crazy Drag Races in Automotive History

When you think you have already seen enough crazy, strange and bizarre things in the automotive world, there is always someone that surprises you and increases the craziness bar. Well, this video definitely won`t fail to raise that bar. So, prepare yourself for the most unbelievable drag races of all time. You can witness all kinds of bizarre combinations on the drag track that we wonder if they are even legal. The first clip in this combination is between two military tanks. It`s a pretty slow race but the sight is spectacular. Then we watch as a snowmobile is making a short work out of a Ferrari F430.

The next race in this compilation is between an old beetle and a Lamborghini Gallardo L5 550-2. The beetle is so heavily modified that the Lambo is eating dust! Up next we have a Golf MK1 with 1056HP VS Yamaha R1 182HP. Then we can see a showdown between a 2015 Kawasaki H2R VS 1350HP Nissan. Awesome race with a trap speed of 208mph.

The next ones are bizarre as it gets. We watch as a farm truck is racing a jet car, F1 car is racing a fighting jet and a bicycle is racing a Ferrari 340 Scuderia! Take a look at the video and tell us what you think on these insanely unbelievable drag races.

At last, click here to witness one insane drag race between the new Ford Focus RS & Camaro SS! Your favorite?