Guy Almost Makes FERRARI F430 Crash During Test Drive!

There is no denying that each and every one of would love to get inside a Ferrari F430 and take it out for a spin and test its speed and power, but believe me no one would want to be in the shoes of the guy that you are going to see in the video below. Because, as you have read in the title, this Maranello test drive could have ended up horribly bad! Both for that awesome Ferrari F430, and for the guys inside! So, just in short! We have a guy who got behind the wheel of a Ferrari F430, and as he is driving it a little bit faster than he should be, and he almost made a major Ferrari F430 crash!

But thank to his great reflexes and (obviously) pretty awesome driving skills, he managed to avoid that! So, before you see the video and (some of you) began giving bad comments about the guy, you must take into an account that no one is sticking to the speed limit all the time when they are driving, and especially if they are test driving a supercar like the Ferrari!

So, check out theFerrari F430 crash  video and see how this potential ordeal was avoided! And if you want to find out more about the awesome Ferrari F430, go to this link.