DRAG RACE: Bugatti Veyron vs Ferrari F430 JDC!

Mamma mia! Look what do we have here! Most of the time, we present you drag races with muscle cars, exotic cars, sport cars etc. but this time you will not see a drag race. Instead, these two magnificent cars are going head to head on a closed circuit race! This video is recorded from the Ferrari`s point of view. Unfortunately for it, this car is most of the time behind the Bugatti thus we see its rear part. However, there is a moment when the Italian vehicle overtakes its opponent! Additionally, there is one more race between the Ferrari and this time the Porsche Boxter S. Press play to find out what happens. Now check the DRAG RACE starring Bugatti Veyron vs Ferrari F430 JDC on a closed circuit race!

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Enjoy the video below!

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