THE ART OF DRIFTING! 5 Minutes Drift Compilation!

First, it all starts with a simple affection for the powerful muscle cars and those jaw-dropping and fast as hell imports. Then, we build up our relationship with them with racing, followed by the art of drifting (first by just watching how others are doing it, afterwards trying to do something about it yourself), and pretty soon, you realize that you are `hooked` on it. This drift compilation proves it!

I believe that there is not a single Gearhead out there, who does not remember the moments when he first started to understand what is behind the tire shredding action and creating clouds of white smoke. It is the period of our lives when we became aware what does it mean to be a great and skilful driver, who makes a perfect mixture of showing off and the art of driving!

As you have probably realized by reading the title of this article, today we had chosen an awesome video clip which celebrates the art and beauty of drift-driving. Without focusing on the guys behind the wheel, or what kind of rides they are driving and what is under the hood of those great drift beasts, the following five minutes are a real feast for the eyes and mind of all those who love and enjoy watching great and skilful drifting.

So just watch the drift compilation below and treat yourself with the pure pleasure of utterly skilful drifting action! And in case you want more, go to this link.