How would you feel to see a new CHEVROLET CAMARO CRASH? You will find out in a moment. I think that it would be safe to say that all of us, who are passionate about the powerful muscle monsters and those gorgeous looking and fast as hell imports, want to get behind the wheel of them, the first chance they get. But being a dedicated enthusiast who knows a lot about the cars, and a person who knows what he is doing, has a respectable experience, and who can handle a powerful muscle beast, once he gets in the driving seat, are two completely different things.

In order not be misunderstood when it comes to the following clip that we have prepared for you today, the above mentioned things about the driving skills, are not directly meant for our video host, named Patrick George, even though we will see him crashing the new 2016 Chevy Camaro.

When I said that such a muscle beast is not just for anyone, I mean for regular guys who have much more flammable passion about it, than a real experience, needed to handle a monster like the Chevy Camaro. So what you are about to see in a few moments, should be a warning to think twice how to react, if you get a chance to get inside a powerful Camaro, or something pretty much similar.

So, what you are about to see in the following clip is Patrick, who is having a test drive of the new 2016 Chevy Camaro, at the Belle Isle State Park in Detroit. And, as he was following the Camaro Z28 , which was the lead car, the man made a small mistake, got into one corner a little bit too hot, and hit the tire wall.

The damage is far from something very bad and highly serious, but anyway – watch the video below, and try to take a lesson out of it. Being armed with a high level of passion for powerful muscle monsters, but you have a lack of experience, you should think twice before you get behind the wheel of it, and how are you going to drive it. Because, in certain cases, the consequences could be much more drastic, both for the driver and for the car!

Now watch the Chevrolet Camaro crash video below and see the whole thing yourself. And if you want to read about Patrick`s crashing experience, written in his own words, go to this link.