2016 Chevy Camaro – Much Lighter, Faster, Simpler!

Chevrolet claims the new 2016 Chevy Camaro is much lighter, better, faster, more simple, than all of its ancestors. And all the journalist who has made several hot laps around the Indy Car race course in Detroid, agree with that!


They swear this time is really true this model handle really better than it’s competitors, because of the lighter chassis (they had cut more than 200 pounds), new platform that makes the biggest difference, sporty characteristics and all the other changes makes the new 2016 Camaro extremely nimble and wicked fast.

The 2016 Chevy Camaro SS has an aluminium block and cylinder heads V8 engine with 6.200 cm3, 455HP and 455 p.f.of torque, variable valve timing, direct fuel injection as well as the cylinder deactivation. Factory claims that 20% of the engine’s parts and the the exhaust manifolds are unique to the Chevy Camaro!

The first one is from Camaro Prototype First Drive around the Indy Car race course in Detroid!

2016 camaro 001