VAUGHN GITTIN JR. at 2015 Formula Drift Long Beach!

The 2015 Formula Drift Long Beach event gave me the ultimate adrenaline rush watching many of the drift maestros doing what they do best, is because the place of action is on real city streets. Of course, in those moments, they are completely closed off for everything and everyone else. But still, there is some kind of a special feeling knowing that what you see happening before your eyes in those moments, is taking place at the very street that you were (or will be) driving your ride.

In this case, in the following one minute 2015 Formula drift video that we have prepared for you in this article, we have one of the best in the game, Vaughn Gittin Jr., having an exciting hoon session with his awesome Ford F150 drift truck, drifting, doing donuts, and creating white clouds of smoke, at the moments of the opening ceremonies for this drift event.

I know that I do not have to tell you that sliding and shredding tires with a massive truck, like Vaughn`s “ultimate fun haver”, can be very, very cool and attractive. So just watch the video below and enjoy his performance in that powerful Ford F150!

And if you want to see him doing more donuts and drifting, but this time with a little Ford Fiesta hatchback, go to this link.