We Are Going BEHIND THE Furious 7 STUNTS, So Buckle Up!

Here is a Furious 7 stunts video that all of us have been waiting impatiently, GoPro clip from behind the scene of the hottest movie in these days, “Fast & Furious 7”. I`m sure that many of you already had the chance to see the latest adrenaline shot from the Fast 7 crew these days, so I really think that the following three minute video will only an icing on the cake.

As some of you may have found out, the latest installment of the Fast & Furious franchise was rated 86%, by 37 critics from Rotten Tomatoes, which in case you still have not seen this ultimate adrenaline rush filled part, is only another reason to go out and watch it as soon as possible.

However, we are not film critics, and the thing which is most interesting to all of us (as you know it well) are the awesome cars and the incredible chase scenes in this movie. And I will dare to say that if you ask me, this movie has overtopped all the others.

The cars are just as awesome as always! There are the Nissan GTR, a brand new off-road Dodge Charger, and all the others. But the stunts are something out-of-this-world!

So check out the Furious 7 stunts video and see how most of those scenes were made and feel the ultimate thrill and suspense, even behind the cameras. And if you want to see the list of the supercars that were used in the movie, click here.