The NISSAN GTR NISMO Showing Off Its Track Potential!

I`m sure that I do not have to say it in any special way, especially for those of you who are well familiar with the Japanese rocket-sleds, the Nissan GTR, but I will do it anyway. Amongst the many different variants and models of the GTR, where the Nissan GTR Nismo is the most powerful and fastest, with numerous improvements that we get to see each year!

Powered by the well known inline-six engine that is giving a total output to a 600 HP, and over 650 pound feet of torque, the Nissan GTR Nismo is the biggest pearl in the entire GTR lineup, and it is always a pleasure watching it in action. With it ability to hit from 0 to 60 in just 2.6 seconds, and a perfect balance and its four-wheel drive, the GTR Nismo is eating up its opponents so easy, it looks like it is a child`s play!

The following GTR Nismo video that we have prepared in this article, will show you just how fast and capable of handling the curves, the straight line accelerations, and all the other aspects of the race, about this awesome car.

So just check it out and enjoy this three minute all the way! And for those of you who want to find out something more about the Nissan GTR Nismo and read interesting things about it that will help you improve your knowledge, go to this link.